DIY Laminated Benchtops

To get an opinion on any product you may be thinking of using talk to us or your cabinetmaker about the product in question, the company that sell the product will not likely inform you of the many other options that may be the same as their product as it is only their product they want you to use and if that happens you may be overlooking many other options available to you.

  • Gloss Laminates are being marketed as high scratch resistant and of a better overall wearing surface than in the past, now technically this may be true but be aware GLOSS will always be GLOSS and scratching and wear to the surface is still a major problem with this finish.
  • If you have a large well lit kitchen area then the selection of your laminate finish is crucial. Gloss laminates show up every minor scratch, mark or fingerprint where other finishes do a far better job disguising these issues that do and will occur during the normal everyday use in the kitchen. These finishes vary considerably but, can make a huge difference and make your kitchen tops stay visually better for longer.
  • When talking to us or your cabinetmaker and we refer to something in terms you don't understand then make sure you ask for it to be explained in terms you do understand. There are many things known of and commonly used within the industry that may not be familiar, to you the customer.
  • If you are renovating your bathroom or are only after a smaller vanity type top then ask about any stock tops that may be available, you may have to compromise on the colour at the time but they are normally at a very discounted price, making them a very attractive option if working to a budget.

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